Institute of Fundamental Research and Modern Technologies


IFRMT is a multi-organization collaboration between the research groups working in the area of semiconducting and superconducting nanoelectronics, meta-materials, electromagnetic radiation, medical and laser physics. The main focus of the institute activities is infrared, microwave, subTHz and THz radiation and its applications. But the expanded range of activities is welcome. In the present time the groups include scientists from several United Kingdom and Russia universities.
IFRMT's main goals and activities:
1. To carry out research and strengthen the collaboration within medical physics, laser physics, the nano and metamaterial physics.
2. To organize annual meetings to strengthen the collaboration between groups.
3. To organize the visiting programs including several long-term visitors each year.
4. To realize graduate and postgraduate students exchange programmes (the first progamme is under development).
5. To improve educational programs in the modern physics.
6. One of the main goals of this institute is to take part in the Framework Programme of European commission and other programmes.